So, this is it.
It’s finally here,
the moment I’ve been dreading.
Well this sucks,
your gentle mouth speaks
in the same tone that matches my thoughts,
somber; agonizing.
What does? I ask.
I’m not even ready to say goodbye yet,
your voice quivers. Tears welling up in your eyes.
Neither am I, I say to myself.

The car doors open and
our bodies move in slow motion to prolong
what’s going to happen next.
Even the air embodies the invisible weight.

I look up and
see you.
Your eyes speak the words I can’t bear to say.
Longing for just a little more time,
preparing for what’s constantly drawing closer still.

Your arms pull me to you,
embracing all of me.
Thank you for coming to see me,
you whisper in my ear.
Your hold envelops me and
my body molds into yours.

Your lips press against mine and
everything blurs together, colliding.
The rest of the world falls away.
Your body is my body: infinite.

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